Interchange of Simple and Complex Sentences

interchange of sentences
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Changing Simple into Complex Sentences

Changing Simple into Complex

A complex sentence has one main clause and one or more subordinate clauses.
Simple sentences can be converted to complex ones by expanding words or
phrases into subordinate clauses. 

A few examples are given here:

(a) Noun Clause

Simple: I know his name
Complex: I know what his name is

Simple: He came at 5 pm.
Complex: It was 5 pm  when he came.

Simple: I am sure of passing.
Complex: I am sure that l shall pass.

Simple: His silence proves his guilt.
Complex: His silence proves that he is guilty. The tact that he
is silent proves his guilt.

Simple: You may criticise my action.
Complex: You may criticise what l do.

Simple: He hoped to win the prize.
Complex: He hoped that he would win the piize.

(b) Adjective Clause

Simple: Our present house suits us.
Complex: The house in which we live at present suits us.

Simple: He is a rich man.
Complex: He is a man who is rich.

Simple: I had exactly sixty pounds in the bank
Complex: Sixty pounds was the exact amount I had in the bank.
Or, The amount I had in the bank was exactly sixty pounds.

Simple: I have no money to spare.
Complex: I have no money that I can spare.

(c) Adverbial Clause

Simple: He is too weak to walk.
Complex: He is so weak that he cannot walk.

Simplex: In spite of his poverty, he is happy.
Complex: Though he is poor, he is happy.

Simple: They will pay only under compulsion.
Complex: The will never pay unless they are compelled.

Simple: Only students are allowed here.
Complex: You can be allowed ‘here only if you are a student.

Simple: During my stay there I was quite well.
Complex: I was quite well so long as I stayed there.

Review 1 

Let's convert the following Simple sentences to Complex ones, each containing a Noun clause.

Simple: I do not know the name of this place.
Complex: I do not know what the name of this place is.

Simple: He told me the truth.
Complex: He told me what the truth is.

Simple: I wish you every success.
Complex: I wish that you would succeed in every case.

Simple: He admitted his mistake.
Complex: He admitted that he had mistaken./ He admitted what his mistake was.

Simple: Can you tell me the time?
Complex: Can you tell me what the time is?

Simple: He seems to be angry.
Complex: He seems that he is angry.

Simple: I want to go home.
Complex: I want that I go home.

Simple: I know the manner of doing it.
Complex: I know that the manner of doing it is known to me./ I know that I can do it.

Simple: We hope for an early shower.
Complex: We hope that we will get an early answer.

Simple: The report of his illness is true.
Complex: The true report is that he is ill.

Simple: He has got his dues.
Complex: He has got what his dues was.

Simple: I owe my success to him.
Complex: I owe to him what my success is.

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