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📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct

Incorrect: He lives in the boarding. 
Correct: He lives in the boarding house.

Incorrect: The watch is out of repairs. 
Correct: The watch is out of repair.

Incorrect: I wrote him yesterday. 
Correct: I wrote him a letter yesterday.

Incorrect: The porter carried my luggages. 
Correct: The porter carried my luggage.

Incorrect: Give him some blotting. 
Correct: Give him some blotting paper.

Incorrect: I take many fruits. 
Correct: I take much fruit.

Incorrect: Karim's is quite close to mine. 
Correct: Karim's house is quite close to mine.

Incorrect: He will sell all his furnitures. 
Correct: He will sell all his furniture.

Incorrect: I received all available informations.   
Correct: I received all available information.

Incorrect: Rahim gave false witness. 
Correct: Rahim gave false evidence.

Incorrect: Every body should be true to his words. 
Correct: Every body should be true to his word.

Incorrect: He is in high spint. 
Correct: He is in high spirits.

Incorrect: I have an urgent business. 
Correct: I have a piece of urgent business.

Incorrect: She has black hairs. 
Correct: She has black hair.

Incorrect: There are pains all over the body. 
Correct: There is pain all over the body.

Incorrect: Tables made of woods are costly. 
Correct: Tables made of wood are costly.

Incorrect: The house is built of bricks. 
Correct: The house is built of brick.

Incorrect: The female students are small in number.
Correct: The girl students are small in number. 


📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct

Incorrect: They took their heart. 
Correct: They took heart.

Incorrect: The climate of Khulna is as good as Dhaka. 
Correct: The climate of Khulna is as good as that of Dhaka.

Incorrect: I and he are brothers. 
Correct: He and I are brothers.

Incorrect: My watch is better than your. 
Correct: My watch is better than yours.

Incorrect: I want your reply. 
Correct: I want a reply from you.

Incorrect: I shall avail this opportunity. 
Correct: I shall avail myself of this opportunity.

Incorrect: Your transistor is more costly than our. 
Correct: Your transistor is more costly than ours.

Incorrect: Your letter is just to my hand. 
Correct: Your letter is just to hand.

Incorrect: He feels himself cold. 
Correct: He feels cold.

Incorrect: You should not lose your heart. 
Correct: You should not lose heart.

Incorrect: I am out of my danger. 
Correct: I am out of danger.

Incorrect: The boy absented from school. 
Correct: The boy absented himself from

Incorrect: He tried his heart and soul to pass the examination. 
Correct: He tried heart and soul to pass the examination.

Incorrect: We have much work on our hand. 
Correct: We have much work on hand.

Incorrect: I enjoyed very much in the last vacation. 
Correct: I enjoyed myself very much in the last vacation.


📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct 

Incorrect: She is ill of it. 
Correct: She is sick of it.

Incorrect: It is a truthful report. 
Correct: It is a true report.

Incorrect: His English knowledge is good. 
Correct: His knowledge of English is good.

Incorrect: I spent a little amount of money.
Correct: I spent a small amount of money.

Incorrect: This is a more harder task. 
Correct: This is a harder task.

Incorrect: He is a most ideal teacher. 
Correct: He is an ideal teacher.

Incorrect: The future prospects of these boys are bright.
Correct: The prospects of these boys are bright. 

Incorrect: Sultan only is reliable. 
Correct: Sultan alone is reliable.

Incorrect: It is a very costly furniture. 
Correct: It is a very expensive piece of furniture.

Incorrect: He died yesterday night. 
Correct: He died last night.

Incorrect: There is not any man in the room. 
Correct: There is no man in the room.

Incorrect: This mango tastes sourly. 
Correct: This mango tastes sour.

Incorrect: The meat is hard. 
Correct: The meat is tough.

Incorrect: He is an eminent novelist. 
Correct: He is a famous novelist.

Incorrect: I am devoted to a bad habit. 
Correct: I am addicted to a bad habit.

Incorrect: He is the strongest and intelligent boy in the class. 
Correct: He is the strongest and most intelligent boy in the class.

Incorrect: He is a famous thief. 
Correct: He is a notorious thief.

Incorrect: He had a strong fever. 
Correct: He had a severe attack of fever.

Incorrect: This is nothing but negligence. 
Correct: This is nothing but wilful negligence.

Incorrect: I got nearly cent percent marks. 
Correct: I got nearly full marks.

Incorrect: One of my family members is dead. 
Correct: One of the members of my family is dead. 

Incorrect: It was most unique opportunity of my life.
Correct: It was a unique opportunity of my life.

Incorrect: His sisters has a sick appearance. 
Correct: His sister has a sickly appearance.

Incorrect: I am ill of such an idle life. 
Correct: I am sick of such an idle life.

Incorrect: He came today moming. 
Correct: He came this moming.

Incorrect: My all books are stolen. 
Correct: All my books are stolen. 


📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct

Incorrect: She said to him about this. 
Correct: She spoke to him about this.

Incorrect: He says me a liar. 
Correct: He calls me a liar.

Incorrect: He refused his fault. 
Correct: He denied his fauilt.

Incorrect: The boat was drowned. 
Correct: The boat sank.

Incorrect: The doctor saw the pulse of the patient.
Correct: The doctor felt the pulse of the patient. 

Incorrect: He says good English. 
Correct: He speaks good English.

Incorrect: Anwar made a goal. 
Correct: Anwar scored a goal.

Incorrect: I am loving you. 
Correct: I love you.

Incorrect: Cut this word. 
Correct: Pen through this word.

Incorrect: The gang is comprised of 40 men. 
Correct: The gang comprises 40 men.

Incorrect: She has a great fondness to read novels.
Correct: She has a great fondness for reading novels.

Incorrect: They used to swim. 
Correct: They were accustomed swimming.

Incorrect: Tell us the account of your travels. 
Correct: Give us an account of your travels.

Incorrect: The matter was informed to the police.
Correct: The police was informed of the matter.

Incorrect: The thief robbed my watch. 
Correct: The thief stole my watch.

Incorrect: I would bathe every morning. 
Correct: I used to have my bath every morning.

Incorrect: Keep the book on the table. 
Correct: Put the book on the table.

Incorrect: The cart was laden fully. 
Correct: The cart was loaded fully.

Incorrect: I am too glad to see you. 
Correct: I am very glad to see you.

Incorrect: He will come to day night. 
Correct: He will come to night.

Incorrect: I am hearing the sound. 
Correct: I hear the sound.

Incorrect: I feel some better. 
Correct: I feel somewhat better.

Incorrect: He has committed you great harm. 
Correct: He has done you great harm.

Incorrect: I insisted on him to go there. 
Correct: I insisted on his going there.

Incorrect: I saw him long before. 
Correct: I saw him long ago.

Incorrect: The bird has fled away. 
Correct: The bird has flown away.

Incorrect: He got plucked in the examination. 
Correct: He failed in the examination.

Incorrect: Kamal persisted to do this. 
Correct: Kamal persisted in doing this.

Incorrect: Hear my advice. 
Correct: Listen to my advice.

Incorrect: Many men died by the accident. 
Correct: Many men were killed by the accident.

Incorrect: I like to play football. 
Correct: I like playing football.

Incorrect: Columbus invented America. 
Correct: Columbus discovered America.

Incorrect: I have done a great mistake. 
Correct: I have made a great mistake.

Incorrect: I will be obliged to you. 
Correct: I shall be obliged to you.

Incorrect: He is reading for two hours. 
Correct: He has been reading for two hours. 

Incorrect: He needs not go there. 
Correct: He need not go there.

Incorrect: He is some tall for his age. 
Correct: He is rather tall for his age.

Incorrect: How long he suffering from fever? 
Correct: How long has he been suffering from fever?

Incorrect: I sent him to bring some sugar. 
Correct: I sent him to fetch some sugar.

Incorrect: You have no excuse to be late. 
Correct: You have no excuse for being late.

Incorrect: I remember to see him. 
Correct: I remember to have seen him.

Incorrect: His mother is at the door of death. 
Correct: His mother is at the point of death.

Incorrect: Take a seat please. 
Correct: Please sit down.

Incorrect: Harun came and saw me. 
Correct: Harun came to see me.

Incorrect: I turned every stone to secure the job. 
Correct: I left no stone unturned to secure the job. 

Incorrect: We were discussing about English. 
Correct: We were discussing English.

Incorrect: My tooth is paining. 
Correct: My tooth is aching.

Incorrect: Tell us an account your travels. 
Correct: Give us an account of your travels.

Incorrect: He caught my hand. 
Correct: He caught hold of my hand.

Incorrect: I expect to succeed in the examination.
Correct: I hope to succeed in the examination. 


📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct

Incorrect: He will come here just now 
Correct: He will come here presently.

Incorrect: He is very discontented. 
Correct: He is much discontented.

Incorrect: The cold is too severe this year. 
Correct: The cold is very severe this year.

Incorrect: I found him very depressed at the news.
Correct: I found him much depressed at the news.

Incorrect: No sooner had the train arrived at when the passengers got down.
Correct: No sooner had the train arrived at the station than the passengers got down.

Incorrect: By and by he became rich. 
Correct: He became rich in course of time.

Incorrect: My father recovered his health by and by. 
Correct: My father gradually recovered his health.

Incorrect: I know him too well. 
Correct: I know him very well.

Incorrect: It will likely rain today. 
Correct: It is likely to rain today.

Incorrect: He was drowned when bathing. 
Correct: He was drowned while bathing.

Incorrect: He is hardly pressed for time. 
Correct: He is hard pressed for time.

Incorrect: He did it long before. 
Correct: He did it long ago.

Incorrect: This is a much interesting book. 
Correct: This is a very interesting book.

Incorrect: Don't leave the class all at a time. 
Correct: Don't leave the class all in a body.

Incorrect: I am too strong to walk. 
Correct: I am strong enough to walk.

Incorrect: The weather is cloudy, it will perhaps rain. 
Correct: The weather is cloudy, it will probably rain.

Incorrect: The officer is very honest to take bribe. 
Correct: The officer is too honest to take bribe.

Incorrect: She feels very weak to speak. 
Correct: She feels too weak to speak.


📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct

Incorrect: She is not in the committee. 
Correct: She is not on the committee.

Incorrect: She burst in tears. 
Correct: She burst into tears.

Incorrect: He threw the ball in the river. 
Correct: He threw the ball into the river.

Incorrect: My father lives at Khulna. 
Correct: My father lives in Khulna.

Incorrect: I write by pen. 
Correct: I write with pen.

Incorrect: We white in paper. 
Correct: We write on paper.

Incorrect: I always believe on your honesty. 
Correct: I always believe in your honesty.

Incorrect: You should attend on your lessons. 
Correct: You should attend to your lessons.

Incorrect: I count for your help.
Correct: I count on your help.

Incorrect: He died by fever. 
Correct: He died of fever.

Incorrect: The cow feeds with gress. 
Correct: The cow feeds on grass.

Incorrect: He was dull in hearing. 
Correct: He was dull of hearing.

Incorrect: He does not know how to deal in a gentleman.
Correct: He does not know how to deal with a gentleman.

Incorrect: It appears in me that he is innocent. 
Correct: It appears to me that he is innocent.

Incorrect: My brother is confined in bed.
Correct: My brother is confined to bed.

Incorrect: The man was accused for theft. 
Correct: The man was accused of theft.

Incorrect: The news appeared to the Azad. 
Correct: The news appeared in the Azad.

Incorrect: He is ashamed to do it. 
Correct: He is ashamed of doing it.

Incorrect: I will come back after an hour. 
Correct: I will come back in an hour.

Incorrect: He repented for his evil deeds. 
Correct: He repented of his evil deeds.

Incorrect: Do not hanker for riches. 
Correct: Do not hanker after riches.

Incorrect: He persisted on my going there. 
Correct: He persisted in my going there.

Incorrect: We should guard from danger. 
Correct: We should guard against danger.

Incorrect: I have retired since many years. 
Correct: I have retired for many years.

Incorrect: He has ordered a few books. 
Correct: He has ordered for a few books.

Incorrect: She is willing to serve in the committee.
Correct: She is willing to serve on the committee. 

Incorrect: The bus is running in time. 
Correct: The bus is running to time.

Incorrect: He was angry upon him. 
Correct: He was angry with him.

Incorrect: You seem to be annoyed at me. 
You seem to be annoyed with me.

Incorrect: The boy fell in the well. 
Correct: The boy fell into the well.

Incorrect: The results will be ready within the 10th.
Correct: The results will be ready before the 10th.

Incorrect: He went there in a month. 
Correct: He went there after a month.

Incorrect: I have been absent from Friday last. |l
Correct: I have been absent since Friday last.

Incorrect: He is a victim of malaria. 
Correct: He is a victim to malaria.

Incorrect: I shall inform this to him. 
Correct: I shall inform him of this.

Incorrect: He has been suffering from fever since three days.
Correct: He has been suffering from fever for three days.

Incorrect: I was absent at the meeting. 
Correct: I was absent from the meeting.

Incorrect: What did you go there? 
Correct: What did you go there for?

Incorrect: I was angry upon him. 
Correct: I was angry with him.


📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct

Incorrect: We saw him walk and sing. 
Correct: We saw him walk and heard him sing.

Incorrect: When you have come you must stay on. 
Correct: Since you have come, you must stay on.

Incorrect: Five years passed since his father died. 
Correct: Five years have passed since his father died.

Incorrect: Take care of him until he is with you. 
Correct: Take care of him as long as he is with you.

Incorrect: He read hard because he might pass. 
Correct: He read hard so that he might pass.

Incorrect: I do not doubt if he will do it. 
Correct: I do not doubt that he will do it.

Incorrect: He took medicine because he might get well. 
Correct: He took medicine that he might get well.

Incorrect: You are not right or wrong. 
Correct: You are neither right nor wrong.

Incorrect: He had scarcely gone than his frend arrived. 
Correct: He had scarcely gone when his friend arrived.

Incorrect: When you are idle, you will not prosper. 
Correct: So long as you are idle, you will not prosper.

Incorrect: Men work because they may earn a living. 
Correct: Men work that they may earn a living.

Incorrect: He was as if thunder struck at the news. 
Correct: He was as it were, thunder struck at the news.

Incorrect: Wait until | do not return.
Correct: Wait until I return.

Incorrect: Read attentively lest you fail. 
Correct: Read attentively lest you should fail. 


📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct

Incorrect: Speak truth. 
Correct: Speak the truth.

Incorrect: You are a foolish. 
Correct: You are foolish.

Incorrect: I have lot of work to do. 
Correct: I have a lot of work to do.

Incorrect: This is no time to play. 
Correct: This is not the time to play.

Incorrect: Quran is a holy book. 
Correct: The Quran is a holy book.

Incorrect: Himalayas are highest mountains. 
Correct: The Himalayas are the highest mountains.

Incorrect: He has got cough. 
Correct: He has got a cough.

Incorrect: This is slip of tongue. 
Correct: This is a slip of the tongue.

Incorrect: How a good man he is! 
Correct: How good a man he is!

Incorrect: The beggar asked for an alms. 
Correct: The beggar asked for alms.

Incorrect: They made a fun of it. 
Correct: They made fun of it.

Incorrect: I went to Jessore by the road. 
Correct: I went to Jessore by road.

Incorrect: Earth goes round sun. 
Correct: The earth goes round the sun.

Incorrect: The vacation came to close. 
Correct: The vacation came to a close.

Incorrect: The cow is useful animal. 
Correct: The cow is a useful animal.

Incorrect: He is in temper. 
Correct: He is in a temper.

Incorrect: He struck me on head. 
Correct: He struck me on the head.

Incorrect: Bay of Bengal is to south of Bangiadesh. 
Correct: The Bay of Bengal is to the south of Bangladesh.

Incorrect: He got the poem by the heart.
Correct: He got the poem by heart.

Incorrect: The people elected him the president of the committee. 
Correct: The people elected him president of the committee.

Incorrect: All the men are mortal. 
Correct: All men are mortal.

Incorrect: The health is a great wealth. 
Correct: Health is a great wealth.

Incorrect: You should take acitve interest in the matter. 
Correct: You should take an active interest in the matter.

Incorrect: Ant is stronger of two brothers. 
Correct: Arif is the stronger of the two brothers.

Incorrect: I have got bad cold. 
Correct: I have got a bad cold.

Incorrect: I saw him the last year. 
Correct: I saw him last year.

Incorrect: This is most interesting story. 
Correct: This is a most interesting story.

Incorrect: I Invested thousand taka in this business. 
Correct: I invested a thousand taka in this business.

Incorrect: What kind of a man are you? 
Correct: What kind of man are you?

Incorrect: Karim worked all day. 
Correct: Karim worked all the day.

Incorrect: The child is the father of the man. 
Correct: The child is father of the man.

Incorrect: He is suffering from the fever. 
Correct: He is suffering from fever.

Incorrect: I heard a good news. 
Correct: I heard good news.

Incorrect: We made him the captain. 
Correct: We made him captain.

Incorrect: She has reached here with a great difficulty. 
Correct: She has reached here with great difficulty.

Incorrect: I road about it in papers. 
Correct: I read about it in the paper.

Incorrect: He is going to Khulna on a business. 
Correct: He is going to Khulna on business.

Incorrect: Language consists of the words. 
Correct: Language consists of words.


📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct

Incorrect: I sold my furnitures. 
Correct: I sold my furniture.

Incorrect: His poetries are good. 
His poetry is good.

Incorrect: Listen to my advices. 
Listen to my advice.

Incorrect: This house is made of bricks. 
This house is made of brick.

Incorrect: I am doing arithmetics. 
I am doing arithmetic.

Incorrect: | have three pairs of shoes. 
I have three pair of shoes.

Incorrect: Give me five hundreds taka. 
Give me five hundred taka.

Incorrect: Our machineries are good. 
Our machinery is good.


📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct

Incorrect: I like vegetable. 
Correct: I like vegetables.

Incorrect: His circumstance is bad. 
Correct: His circumstances are bad.

Incorrect: I went out of door. 
Correct: I went out of doors.

Incorrect: He is a man of letter. 
Correct: He is a man of letters.

Incorrect: I have no scissor. 
Correct: I have no scissors.

Incorrect: I got full mark in Algebra. 
Correct: I got full marks in Algebra.

Incorrect: It is a ten takas note. 
Correct: It is a ten taka note.


📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct

Incorrect: My car is inferior and less costly than yours. 
Correct: My car is inferior to and less costly than yours.

Incorrect: The headmaster was seated and his boys standing. 
Correct: The headmaster was seated and
his boys were standing.

Incorrect: He is good in health. 
Correct: He is in good health.

Incorrect: Amin gave to the boy a toy. 
Correct: Amin gave the boy a toy.

Incorrect: The murderer was ordered to hanged by the judge. 
Correct: The murderer was ordered by the judge to be hanged.

Incorrect: He inquired about my state of health. 
Correct: He inquired about the state of my health.

Incorrect: I request your favour of granting me leave. 
Correct: I request the favour of your granting me leave.

Incorrect: I have neither seen him act nor heard sing. 
Correct: I have neither seen him act nor heard him sing.

Incorrect: I saw a dead cow walking along the road. 
Correct: While walking along the road, I saw a dead cow.

Incorrect: I saw procession passing through the street from the roof of house. 
Correct: I saw a procession passing through the street from the roof of our house.

Incorrect: What for are following places noted? 
Correct: What are the following places noted for?

Incorrect: He was offered the post and accepted it.
Correct: He was offered the post and he accepted it. 

Incorrect: They came to our house on last sunday. 
Correct: They came to our house on sunday last.

Incorrect: Six men were wounded and one killed. 
Correct: Six men were wounded and one was killed.

Incorrect: A man wanted to sell his motor car going abroad. 
Correct: A man going abroad wanted to sell his motor car.

Incorrect: He is not weak in English but Physics. 
Correct: He is weak in Physics and not in English.

Incorrect: Many were delighted and every one contented. 
Correct: Many were delighted and every
one was contented.

Incorrect: Habib knocked him down after calling him near with a blow.
Correct: After calling him near, Habib knocked him down with  with a bow. 

Incorrect: Two of the thieves escaped and two caught. 
Correct: Two of the theives escaped and
two were caught.

Incorrect: He talks as if he knows every thing. 
Correct: He talks as if he knew everything.

Incorrect: Karim was bitten last night sleeping by a snake last night.
Correct: While sleeping, Karim was bitten by a snake. 

Incorrect: Rahim gave a doll to the girl whose head was off. 
Correct: Rahim gave the girls a doll the head of which was off.


📝 Incorrect 
📝 Correct

Incorrect: I enjoyed during the holidays. 
Correct: I enjoyed myself during the holidays.

Incorrect: I shall go by the 7-30 O'clock train. 
Correct: I shall go by the 7-30 train.

Incorrect: He will come just now. 
Correct: He will come shortly or presently.

Incorrect: It is a secret between you and I. 
Correct: It is a secret between you and me.

Incorrect: He is comparatively better today. 
Correct: He is better today.

Incorrect: He ran lest he miss the train. 
Correct: He ran lest he should miss the train.

Incorrect: The farmer asked that where did you live? 
Correct: The farmer said, “Where do you live?"

Incorrect: Harun exclaimed what a nice scenery it was. 
Correct: Harun exclaimed that it was a very nice scenery 

Incorrect: Who is shorter, you or I? 
Correct: Who is the shorter, you or I?

Incorrect: My daughter is ill this week. 
Correct: My daughter has been ill all of this week.

Incorrect: Forty seers makes a maund. 
Correct: Forty seers make a maund.

Incorrect: | shall enquire from him this matter. 
Correct: I shall enquire of him about this matter.

Incorrect: There were seven men died of small pox. 
Correct: There were seven men who died of small pox.

Incorrect: Better go home at once. 
Correct: You had better go home at once.

Incorrect: English are taught by an experienced teacher. 
Correct: English is taught by an experienced teacher. 

Incorrect: Zahid asked that how did he do. 
Correct: Zahid asked him how he did.

Incorrect: The United States are a powerful country.
Correct: The United States is a powerful

Incorrect: If the means are bad, the end is also bad. 
Correct: If the means is bad, the end is also bad.

Incorrect: She was so rude that I could not bear her.
Correct: She was so rude that I could not bear with her.

Incorrect: Rahim and myself are present. 
Correct: Rahim and I am present.

Incorrect: Morality consists of doing the right thing.
Correct: Morality consists in doing the right thing. 

Incorrect: I who is your friend, save you from misfortune.
Correct: I who am your friend shall save you from misfortune.

Incorrect: I shall combat with your view. 
Correct: I shall oppose your view.

Incorrect: The wages of the labourers are poor. 
Correct: The wages of the labourers is poor.

Incorrect: The farmer has forty heads of cattle. 
Correct: The farmer has forty head of cattle.

Incorrect: Neither the Ministers nor the President deserve to be praised. 
Correct: Neither the President nor the Ministers 
deserve to be praised.

Incorrect: Three parts of the work are yet to be done. 
Correct: Three parts of the work is yet to be done.

Incorrect: If he would ask me, I should stay. 
Correct: If he asked me, I should stay.

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