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♨️ Direct and Indirect Speech 

Direct Narration 
Indirect Narration 


Direct : Reja said to me, 'I want to do this work.'
Indirect : Reja said to me that he wanted to do the work.

Direct : He said to me, 'I wonder if the book is available.' 

Indirect : He told me that he wondered if the book was available.

Direct : Sadique said to Zaki, "I am going abroad tomorrow."

Indirect : Sadique told Zaki that he was going abroad the next day. 

Direct : Mohammad said to me, ''You will get it back soon."

Indirect : Mohammad told me that I would get it (that) back soon. 

Direct : You said to me, 'He is a liar and therefore, I do not trust him.' 

Indirect : You said to me that he was a liar and you did not trust him. 

Direct: They said to me, 'We went to college yesterday.' 

Indirect: They said to me that they had gone to college the previous day. 

Direct: Kamal said to Badal, ''I shall go to school tomorrow."

Indirect: Kamal said to Badal that he (K) would go to school the next day. 

Direct: Nahid said Nazma, "The virtuous are blessed.''

Indirect: Nahid told Nazma that the virtuous are blessed. 

Direct: Nawsin said to Rini, '' l will help you if I can."

Indirect: Nawsin told Rini that she (N) would help (R) if she (N) could. 

Direct: The Independent says, " We draw the attention of the Mayor of this matter."

Indirect: The Independent says that it draws the attention of the Mayor of that matter. 

Direct: Tania said, 'I was writing a letter to my friend.' 

Indirect: Tania said that she had been writing a letter to her friend. 

Direct: The teacher will say, " I did the work."

Indirect: The teacher will say that he did the work. 

Direct: Quashem said to me, " I saw you long ago."

Indirect: Quashem told me that he had seen me long before. 

Direct: Aslam said to me, " You were very small when I saw you last."

Indirect: Aslam told me that I had been very small when he had seen me last. 

Direct: He said, " That's bad."

Indirect: He said that it was bad. 


Direct: Father said to me, "How did you do the work?"

Indirect: Father asked me how I had done the work. 

Direct: Ujjal said to Boby, 'Do you hear me?' 

Indirect: Ujjal asked Boby if he (B) heard him (U). 

Direct: He said to them, 'Do you want to return to Europe?’ 

Indirect : He asked them if they wanted to return to Europe. 

Direct : Anik said to me, 'Why shall I not go there?' 

Indirect : Anik asked me why I should not go there. 

Direct: Badhan said to Shimi, 'Did you go there in time?' 

Indirect : Badhan asked Shimi if she had gone there in time. 

Direct: Omar said to me, 'Shall I take your pen?' 

Indirect: Omar asked me if he would take my pen. 

Direct : I said to him, 'Do you like to read novels?' 

Indirect: I asked him if he liked to read novels. 

Direct: The man said to you, 'Are you going home tomorrow?' 

Indirect: The man asked you if you were going home the next day. 

Direct: He said to me, 'Were you reading a book?" 

Indirect: He asked me if I had been reading a book. 

Direct: He said to you, 'When will you start for Chittagong?' 

Indirect: He asked you when you would start for Chittagong. 

Direct: The old man said to me, ‘How long have you been staying  here?

Indirect: The old man asked me how long I had been staying there. 

Direct: He said to me, 'Which book do you want?' 

Indirect: He asked me which book I wanted. 

Direct: Tareq said to Rafiq, 'Why do you always think about the bad side of things?' 

Indirect: Tareq asked Rafiq why he (R) always thought about the bad side of things. 

Direct: ''Have you seen her, Jerry?" said the writer. 

Indirect: The writer asked Jerry if she had seen her. 

Direct: ''Do you find your payment too little?" said the oldest of the girls to the porter. 

Indirect: The oldest of the girls asked the porter if he had found his payment too little. 


Direct: He said to me, 'Please lend me a book.' 

Indirect: He requested me to lend him a book. 

Direct: Azim told me, ''Do it at once."

Indirect: Azim told (ordered) me to do that (it) at once. 

Direct: The man said, ''Friends,  please help me.''

Indirect: Adressing them as friends, the man requested them to help him. 

Direct: The teacher said to the students, ''Do not make a noise in the  class room."

Indirect: The teacher advised (ordered) the students not to make a noise in the class room. 

Direct: My father said to me, 'Do not waste your time.' 

Indirect: My father forbade me to waste my time. 
Or, My father told/ordered/advised me not to waste my time. 

Direct: I said to him, "Let us drop the matter."

Indirect: I proposed to him that we should drop the matter. 

Direct: The General said to the soldiers, 
'' March on.''

Indlract: The General ordered (commanded) the soldiers to march on. 

Direct: The girl said to her teacher, ''Let me come in.''

Indirect: The girl requested (told) her teacher that she might (might be allowed to) come in. 

Direct: The servant said to his master, 'Please excuse me, Sir.' 

Indirect: The servant respectfully (with respect) requested his master to excuse him. 

Direct: The beggar said to the man, 'Let me have a meal.' 

Indirect: The beggar said to the man that he might have a meal. 

Direct: I said to him, 'Good-bye.' 

Indirect: I bade him good-bye. 

Direct: Rahim said to you, ‘Let us go out for a walk.' 

Indirect: Rahim proposed to you that you and Rahim should go out for a walk. 

Direct: Rahim said, "Let us go out for a walk."

Indlract: Rahim proposed that they should go out for a walk. 
Or, Rahim suggested going out for a walk. 


Direct: The man said, "What a fool I am!" 

Indirect : The man exclaimed with sorrow that he was a great fool. 

Direct : The boy said, "What a terrible storm it is!" 

Indirect : The boy exclaimed with fear that it was a very terrible storm. 

Direct : He asid, 'Alas! How worthless I am.' 

Indirect : He exclaimed with sorrow that he was very worthless. 

Direct : The boy said, 'Hurrah! My father has come.' 

Indirect: The boy exclaimed (cried out) with joy that his father had come. 

Direct : I said to you, "How obliged are to you to me!" 

Indirect : I exclaimed that you were greatly obliged to me. 

Direct : The teacher said to him, "How funny you are!"

Indirect : The teacher exclaimed with wonder that he was very funny.
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