Rules of Changing Degree

♨️ Changing Degree : Comparison of Adjective 

📝 Positive 
📝 Comparative 
📝 Superlative 

☑️ Rule 1. As usually -

Positive = Bright 
Comparative = Bright + er = Brighter 
Superlative = Bright + est = Brightest 

Positive = Deep 
Comparative = Deep + er = Deeper 
Superlative = Deep + est = Deepest 

Positive Comparative Superlative
Bright Brighter brightest
Black Blacker blackest
Bold bolder boldest
Cold colder coldest
Deep deeper doopest
Hard harder hardest
High higher highest
Low lower lowest
Light lighter lightest
Tall taller tallest
New newer newest
Poor poorer poorest
Rich richer richest
Strong stronger strongest

☑️ Rule 2. 

Positive = B + i + g = Big
                = Consonant + Vowel + Conson.

Comparative = Big + ger = Bigger 

Superlative = Big + gest = Biggest 

Positive Comparative Superlative
Big bigger biggest
Fat fatter fattest
Hot hotter hottest
Red redder reddest
Thin thinner thinnest

☑️ Rule 3. 
Positive = Brave 
Comparative = Brave + r = Bravest 
Superlative = Brave + st = Bravest 

Positive Comparative Superiative
Brave braver bravest
Fine finer finest
Gentle gentler gentest
Large larger largest
Noble nobler noblest
Nice nicer nicest
True truer truest
Wise wiser wisest

☑️ Rule  4. 
Last consonant + y of the positive degree changes to ier in comparative and iest in superlative. 

Positive = Dr y 
Comparative = Dr ier 
Superlative = Dr iest 

Dry - Drier - Driest 

Positive Comparative Superlative
Dry drier driest
Busy busier busiest
Happy happier happiest
Heavy heavier heaviest
Lazy lazier laziest
Pretty prettier prettiest
Merry merrier merriest

But vowel + y only takes er and est respectively. 

Gay Gayer Gayest
Grey Greyer Greyest

☑️ Rule 5. 
Two syllable-words take more and most 
in comparative and superlative degree. 

Positive = Beautiful 
Comparative = more beautiful
Superlative = most beautilul

Positive Comparative Superlative
Beautiful  more beautiful  most beautilul
less beautiful least beautitul
Careful more careful most careful
less careful least careful
Comfortable more comfortable most comfortable
less comfortable loast comfortable
Cunning more cunning most cunning
less cunning lonst cunning
Dangerous more dangerous most dangerous
Dangerous less dangerous least dangerous
Honest more honest most honest
Honest  less honest least honest
Important more important most important
less important least important
Interesting more interesting most interesting
less interesting least interesting

☑️ 6. No fixed rules .......

Positive Comparative Superlative
Good better best
Bad/evil/ill - worse - worst
Late - later/latter - latest/last
Many  more most
Much (fase) more most
Old --- older, elder - oldest, eldest

☑️ Rule 7. 
These adverbs are adjectives when they are used to compare. 

Positive Comparative Superlative
Far Farther farthest
Fur Further furthest
In - inner - innermost/inmost
Out - outer/utter - most/utmost
Up upper uppermost

☑️ Rule 8. 
✍️ all other or any other 
Homer is greater than all other epic poets.
Homer is greater than any other epic poet.

🔷 Comparing with self quality :
Shahin is more brave than strong. 

📝 These words don't take comparative and superlative degree:
(i) Interior ulterior, exterior, major, minor
(ii) Upper, inner, outer, former, latter, elder

He is the former manager of this bank
My elder brother went to Dhaka yesterday.

📝 While choosing one person/thing between two persons/things, it is to use the + comparative + of :

Rumana is the taller of the two girls.
Sabbir is the braver of the two boys.

☀ Now it's time to avoid common errors :

Inc. Ripon's shirt is better than Jaman
Cor. Ripon's shirt is better than Jaman’s
Or, Ripon's shirt is better than that of Jaman's

Inc. The nce of Dinajpur is better than Rajshahi
Cor. The rice of Dinajpur is better than Rajshahi's
Or, The rice of Dinajpur is better than the of Rajshahi.
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