Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms and Antonyms


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Lesson 1: Synonyms and Antonyms

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Lesson 01: Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms: Synonyms are those words or expressions that have the same meaning or nearly the same meaning in the same language. For example – liberty, liberation, freedom, independence and emancipation are all synonyms of each other.

Antonyms: Antonyms are those words or expressions that have the opposite meaning. For example – the antonym of ‘independence’ is ‘dependence’.

Synonyms and antonyms of any language not only enrich the language but also accelerate its natural flow. By the use of synonyms one can avoid the boring repetition of any word or expression. Synonyms and antonyms can also enhance one’s vocabulary knowledge of a language.

Synonyms and Antonyms of some important words:

  1. ABANDON (v) – to leave: He abandoned his wife and children.

Synonyms: abdicate, leave, quit, desert, discard.

Antonyms: chase, follow, undertake, accept.

  1. ACCUMULATE (v) – to assemble – He is gradually accumulating courage to do the work.

Synonyms: assemble, gather, collect, store, hoard, congregate, rally.

Antonyms: disperse, scatter, spread, dissipate, distribute

  1. ADVERSE (adj.) – unfavourable: He made some adverse comments on my proposal.

Synonyms: antagonistic, unfavourable, critical, hostile, negative, unkind, censorious.

Antonyms: favourable, propitious, appropriate, advantageous, congenial.

  1. ALARMING (Adj.) – ominous: Our population is increasing at an alarming rate.

Synonyms: frightful, terrible, fearful, ominous

Antonyms: hopeful, bright, auspicious

  1. ANIMOSITY (n.) – hostility: There is no animosity between them.

Synonyms: enmity, hostility, antagonism, aversion, antipathy, acrimony, grudge, resentment, vindictiveness.

Antonyms: amity, love, friendliness, sympathy, good will, sweetness, cordiality.

  1. ANNIHILATE (v) – to destroy : We annihilated our enemy.

Synonyms: destroy, suppress, cancel, extinguish

Antonyms: establish, support, promote, make, build, produce, found

  1. APPARENT (adj.) – clear: His anxiety was apparent to everyone present there.

Synonyms: clear, visible, obvious, evident, manifest.

Antonyms: hidden, obscure, secret, covert, latent.

  1. ARROGANCE (adj.) – pride: We should not exhibit our arrogance at any place.

Synonyms: haughtiness, pride, conceit, egotism

Antonyms: modesty, politeness, humanity

  1. AUSPICIOUS (adj.) – propitious: Today is an auspicious day in my life.

Synonyms: favourable, suitable, propitious, happy, fortunate, opportune, promising, good.

Antonyms: unfavourable, inauspicious, hopeless, unhappy, unlucky.

  1. BANKRUPT (adj.) – ruined: The company became bankrupt for incurring a heavy loss.

Synonyms: insolvent, destitute, indigent, ruined.

Antonyms: rich, well-off, solvent, prosperous

  1. BARREN (adj.) – unproductive: Crops do not grow in a barren land.

Synonyms: infertile, unproductive, sterile, bleak

Antonyms: fertile, productive

  1. BENEFICIAL (adj.) – useful: Exercising is beneficial to health.

Synonyms: useful, helpful, valuable, positive.

Antonyms: useless, harmful, detrimental.

  1. BENEVOLENT (adj.) – kind: Our teacher is a benevolent person.

Synonyms: generous, kind, merciful, charitable, gracious.

Antonyms: cruel, unkind, inhuman, malicious, selfish.

  1. BONAFIDE (adj.) – real: Those who are bonafide students can enjoy the service.

Synonyms: genuine, real, sincere, authentic, legitimate, actual, true, valid, legal.

Antonyms: bogus, false, inauthentic, counterfeit.

  1. BORING (adj.) – not interesting at all: This is a boring movie.

Synonyms: dull, uninteresting, tedious, troublesome, monotonous, dreary, lackluster, tiresome.

Antonyms: interesting, enjoyable, amusing, pleasant, delightful.

  1. BREVITY (n.) – briefness: I like the brevity of Bacon’s essays.

Synonyms: shortness, conciseness, pithiness, terseness, succinctness, concision.

Antonyms: lengthiness, verbosity, grandiloquence.

  1. BUOYANT (adj.) – light: Cork is a buoyant material.

Synonyms: floating, hopeful, cheerful, lively, vivacious, afloat, lighthearted, upbeat, optimistic.

Antonyms: depressed, cheerless, moody, joyless

  1. CANDID (adj.) – frank: He made a candid confession.

Synonyms: frank, open, sincere, straightforward, outspoken, honest, sincere, truthful, blunt.

Antonyms: reserved, insincere, enigmatic, mysterious.

  1. CAPRICIOUS (adj.) – whimsical: We should give up our capricious behaviour.

Synonyms: fickle, changeful, whimsical, fanciful, freakish, inconsistent, flexible.

Antonyms: firm, rigid, constant, inflexible.

  1. COMPULSORY (adj.) – mandatory: English is a compulsory subject at the secondary level.

Synonyms: obligatory, mandatory, coercive

Antonyms: optional, voluntary, charitable

  1. COMPLACENT (adj.) – satisfied: She had a complacent smile on his face.

Synonyms: pleased, satisfied, content, happy, smug, content

Antonyms: dissatisfied, unhappy, discontented, anxious

  1. CONDUCIVE (adj.) – helpful: Fresh air is conducive to health.

Synonyms: effective, productive, good, useful, promotive, beneficial, contributive

Antonyms: repugnant, preventive, counteractive, destructive, bad, injurious, harmful.

  1. CONSPICIOUS (adj.) – easily visible: His honesty is conspicuous.

Synonyms: distinguished, manifest, visible, prominent, famous, noticeable, observable

Antonyms: obscure, invisible, inconspicuous.

  1. CORDIAL (adj.) – hearty: He gave us a cordial reception.

Synonyms: warm, earnest, sincere, hearty, loving, genial, affable, friendly, amiable, jovial

Antonyms: cold, insincere, distant, formal, unfriendly, ceremonious

  1. DECREASE (v.) – to lessen: The boy has decreased his weight.

Synonyms: abate, lower, curtail, lessen, diminish, reduce, wane, decline, cut, dwindle, shrink

Antonyms: expand, increase, grow, extend, enlarge, amplify, augment

  1. DELIBERATE (adj.) – willful: Deliberate mistakes should be punished.

Synonyms: intentional, willful, planned, conscious, purposeful, premeditated

Antonyms: unintentional, inadvertent, unwilling, unwitting

  1. DESIRABLE (adj.) – proper: Such an act of stupidity is not desirable from you.

Synonyms: acceptable, proper, suitable, advisable

Antonyms: objectionable, undesirable, improper, evil, unadvisable

  1. DESTROY (v.) to ruin: He has destroyed all the documents.

Synonyms: annihilate, ruin, obliterate, demolish, undo, subvert, overthrow, devastate

Antonyms: build, construct, create, repair, make

  1. DILIGENT (adj.) industrious: She is very diligent.

Synonyms: active, industrious, hardworking, assiduous, attentive

Antonyms: indolent, lazy, idle, inactive

  1. Direct (adj) – straight: She gave us a direct answer.

Synonyms: straight, quick, immediate, prompt, instant, right away

Antonyms: indirect, slow, belated

  1. DISPERSE (v.) – to spread: The police dispersed the mob.

Synonyms: scatter, spread, disband, diffuse, break up, dispel, dissipate

Antonyms: gather, assemble, collect, meet, accumulate

  1. DREADFUL (adj.) – terrible: She saw a dreadful dream.

Synonyms: fearful, terrible, horrible, frightful, awful, alarming, monstrous, shocking

Antonyms: pleasing, pleasant, delightful, charming, hopeful, encouraging

  1. ELEGANT (adj.) – graceful: She loves elegant clothes.

Synonyms: polished, refined, graceful, decent, handsome, grand, luxurious

Antonyms: coarse, rude, inelegant, ungraceful, simple, vulgar

  1. ENCOURAGE (v.) – to inspire: My father always encourages me to help others.

Synonyms: incite, stimulate, urge, impel, inspire

Antonyms: prevent, discourage, dissuade, deter, dishearten

  1. ENTHUSIASM (n.) – zeal: She has great enthusiasm for music.

Synonyms: ardour, passion, eagerness, rapture, interest, keenness, fervour, gusto, zest

Antonyms: contempt, indifference, callousness, coldness, repugnance

  1. EPHEMERAL (ad.) – momentary: Happiness is ephemeral.

Synonyms: fugitive, momentary, transient, temporary, fleeting, evanescent, mortal

Antonyms: permanent, eternal, perpetual, immortal, perennial

  1. FASCINATE (v.) – to attract: She was fascinated by the beauty of the scenery.

Synonyms: charm, attract, captivate, enthrall, affect, mesmerize, absorb

Antonyms: bore, irritate, disturb, disgust

  1. FATAL (adj.) – deadly: I saw a fatal accident.

Synonyms: mortal, deadly, destructive, dangerous, calamitous, harmful, serious, grave

Antonyms: harmless, wholesale, notorious, constructive, bebeficial

  1. FEEBLE (adj.) – weak: He is a man of feeble mind.

Synonyms: faint, weak, vain, frail, scanty, forceless, nerveless

Antonyms: strong, robust, active, vigorous, muscular

  1. FERTILE (adj.) – productive: The land of Bangladesh is fertile.

Synonyms: productive, rich, luxuriant, prolific, fecund, conducive, lush

Antonyms: barren, sterile, ineffective, unproductive, poor, fruitless, infertile

  1. FLEXIBLE (adj.) – elastic: We should have a flexible mind to cope with others.

Synonyms: plaint, supple, elastic, changeable, ductile, lithe, bendy, bendable

Antonyms: hard, rigid, inflexible, tough, inelastic

  1. FRIVOLOUS (adj.) – silly: We should give up our frivolous behaviour.

Synonyms: silly, trivial, petty, worthless, trifling

Antonyms: serious, grave, earnest, important

  1. GALLANT (adj.) – brave: He was a gallant soldier.

Synonyms: bold, brave, courageous, valiant, heroic, fearless, chivalrous

Antonyms: cowardly, timid, churlish, fearful

  1. GENEROUS (adj.) – kind: We should always be generous to poor people.

Synonyms: liberal, lavish, kind, bountiful, cordial, magnanimous, open-hearted

Antonyms: mean, niggardly, miserly, churlish, selfish, closefisted

  1. GORGEOUS (adj.) – grand: We had a gorgeous party last night.

Synonyms: pompous, grand, magnificent, splendid, superb, costly

Antonyms: cheap, simple, colourless, threadbare, dingy

  1. GRATIFY (v) – to satisfy: His result gratifies his parents.

Synonyms: please, satisfy, gladden, reward

Antonyms: displease, disappoint, dishearten, dissatisfy, sadden

  1. GUESS (v.) – to infer: I guess that he is sick.

Synonyms: suppose, conjecture, surmise, imagine, infer, predict

Antonyms: examine, prove, investigate, deduce, establish

  1. HANDSOME (adj.) – graceful: The man is really handsome.

Synonyms: beautiful, lovely, pretty, graceful, elegant, comely

Antonyms: ugly, ill-looking, unattractive, unpleasant, horrible

  1. HAPHAZARD (adj.) – chaotic: Everything in the room was in a haphazard condition.

Synonyms: chaotic, confusing, disorderly, unsystematic, unmethodical

Antonyms: organized, systematic, planned, methodical

  1. HAZARD (n.) – risk: No business is free from hazard.

Synonyms: peril, risk, danger, jeopardy

Antonyms: safety, security, protection, certainty

  1. HINDER (v.) – to impede: Nothing can hinder the expression of truth.

Synonyms: retard, debar, embarrass, impede, thwart, block, prevent, interrupt, stop, obstruct

Antonyms: enable, promote, expedite, facilitate, accelerate

  1. HYPOCRISY (n.) – deception: His conduct is full of hypocrisy.

Synonyms: affectation, deception, pretension, falsification, duplicity

Antonyms: honesty, sincerity, integrity, uprightness

  1. IGNOBLE (adj.) – shameful: He has done an ignoble job.

Synonyms: mean, base, detestable, shameful, dishonourable,

Antonyms: exalted, lofty, grand, eminent, illustrious, brilliant, notable

  1. IMPEDIMENT ((n) – obstacle: Illiteracy is the impediment to success.

Synonyms: block, hindrance, obstacle, obstruction

Antonyms: support, succour, aid, help, assistance

  1. INCLEMENT (adj.) – rough: You should not go out in the inclement weather.

Synonyms: severe, rough, harsh, cruel, rigorous, awful, tyrannical

Antonyms: genial, mild, clement, merciful, benign

  1. INDIFFERNCE (n.) – apathy: He showed complete indifference to study.

Synonyms: coolness, carelessness, apathy, callousness, insensibility

Antonyms: eagerness, interest, affection, ardour, zeal, enthusiasm

  1. INDULGENT (adj.) – tolerant: He is an indulgent father.

Synonyms: tolerant, complaint, tender, affectionate

Antonyms: severe, harsh, rough, cruel, intolerant

  1. JEALOUS (adj.) – envious: We should not jealous of somebody else’s success.

Synonyms: envious, covetous, suspicious, wary, grudging, resentful

Antonyms: unenvious, satisfied, liberal

  1. JUDICIOUS (adj.) – wise: He took a judicious decision regarding his job.

Synonyms: wise, thoughtful, sagacious, expedient, prudent, sensible, discreet

Antonyms: indiscreet, unwise, silly, rash, foolish, inexpedient, imprudent

  1. JUVENILE (adj.) – youthful: This novel is full of juvenile impulse.

Synonyms: young, youthful, childish, boyish, girlish, immature, adolescent

Antonyms: senile, mature, manly, womanly, adult, aged

  1. KINDLY (adv.) – cordially: Would you kindly help me?

Synonyms: warmly, cordially, gently, generously, politely, patiently, sympathetically

Antonyms: cruelly, impolitely, harshly, rudely, mercilessly

  1. KNOWLEDGEABLE (adj.) – learned: He is a very knowledgeable person.

Synonyms: educated, learned, experienced, intelligent, scholarly

Antonyms: ignorant, uneducated, unaware, foolish, stupid, inexperienced

  1. LACONIC (adj.) – reticent: I like Iconic person.

Synonyms: curt, terse, epigrammatic, reticent

Antonyms: wordy, garrulous, eloquent, circumlocutory

  1. LANGUID (adj.) – spiritless: I saw his languid body on the floor.

Synonyms: spiritless, exhausted, flagging, pining, drooping

Antonyms: active, strong, healthy, robust, vigorous

  1. LENGTHEN (v.) – to prolong: He lengthed his speech to the point of boredom.

Synonyms: prolong, extend, expand, increase, protract, continue, stretch, elongate

Antonyms: curtail, shorten, reduce, decrease, belittle, abbreviate

  1. LIBERAL (adj.) – moderate: He is a liberal person.

Synonyms: copious, bountiful, catholic, bounteous, progressive, moderate, generous

Antonyms: conservative, mean, traditional, narrow-minded, bigoted,

  1. LUDICRIOUS (adj.) – funny: He put me into a ludicrous situation.

Synonyms: funny, ridiculous, farcical, comic, comical, laughable

Antonyms: tragic, serious, grave, sad, doleful, mournful, somber

  1. MEDIOCRE (adj.) – average: He is a mediocre student.

Synonyms: average, commonplace, medium, ordinary, second-rate, middling

Antonyms: distinctive, exceptional, extraordinary, brilliant, excellent, superior

  1. MISERABLE (adj.) – wretched: He has fallen into a miserable condition.

Synonyms: wretched, despicable, abject, forlorn, pitiable, worthless, sad, intolerable

Antonyms: happy, worthy, comfortable, respectable, delightful, pleasant

  1. MODESTY (n.) – politeness: Everybody is impressed by his modesty.

Synonyms: humility, purity, bashfulness, politeness, diffidence, sobriety

Antonyms: vanity, conceit, effrontery, shamelessness, wantonness

  1. MUSTY (adj.) – stale: Your ideas are all musty.

Synonymsstale, outdated, obsolete, fetid, rank, fusty, mildewed

Antonyms: balmy, fresh, odorous, fragrant, aromatic

  1. NAUGHTY (adj.) – bad: He is a naughty boy.

Synonyms: bad, wicked, disobedient, mischievous, roguish, wayward

Antonyms: good, mild, polite, obedient, well-behaved

  1. NEBULOUS (adj.) – vague: There is nebulous difference between the two ideas.

Synonyms: ambiguous, cloudy, hazy, imprecise, indistinct, misty, obscure, vague

Antonyms: clear, certain, precise, distinct, bright

  1. NERVOUS (adj.) – anxious: He feels nervous in the examination hall.

Synonyms: shaky, jumpy, timid, anxious, hesitant

Antonyms: brave, courageous, bold, confident, valiant, calm, cool

  1. NOMINAL (adj.) – so-called: The president is the nominal head of the state.

Synonyms: so-called, symbolic, titular, trivial, insignificant

Antonyms: actual, genuine, real, important, essential, substantial

  1. OBJECT (v) – to oppose: I object to your decision.

Synonyms: oppose, disapprove, argue, complain, protest, refuse, repudiate, demur

Antonyms: accept, approve, agree, acquiesce

  1. OBJECTIONABLE (adj.) – offensive: Your comment is highly objectionable.

Synonyms: unpleasant, unacceptable, offensive, obnoxious, disagreeable, detestable, despicable

Antonyms: pleasant, acceptable, agreeable, welcome

  1. OBLIVIOUS (adj.) – forgetful: I am now oblivious of those days.

Synonyms: ignorant, negligent, unaware, careless, heedless, unconscious

Antonyms: aware, conscious, observant, mindful

  1. OBSCENE (adj.) – dirty: I don’t like obscene jokes.

Synonyms: bawdy, coarse, indecent, filthy, foul, gross, lewd, licentious, offensive

Antonyms: clean, decent, decorous, wholesome, pure

  1. OBSOLETE (adj.) – out-date: Give up your obsolete plans.

Synonyms: old, ancient, out-dated, outmoded, outworn, old-fashioned

Antonyms: current, new, modern, up-to-date, contemporary

  1. PACIFY (v.) – to appease: The mother is pacifying her crying baby.

Synonyms: calm down, soothe, appease, tranquilise, mollify, placate

Antonyms: excite, irritate, rouse, exasperate, agitate, provoke,

  1. PASTIME (n.) – entertainment: Travelling is one of my favourite pastimes.

Synonyms: diversion, sport, recreation, entertainment, amusement,

Antonyms: work, labour, business, occupation, profession

  1. PERILOUS (adj.) – dangerous: Smoking is perilous for health.

Synonyms: dangerous, hazardous, risky, unsafe, horrible, terrible, fearful

Antonyms: secure, safe, sound, certain, comfortable

  1. PERMIT (v) – allow: The teacher permits me to ask my question.

Synonyms: approve, let, allow, authorize, encourage, content, sanction

Antonyms: disallow, stop, prevent, check, forbid, prohibit

  1. PERVERSE (adj.) – wayward: He leads a perverse life.

Synonyms: wick, mean, bad, untoward, stubborn, immoral, wayward, unmanageable, intractable, vicious

Antonyms: docile, ductile, amenable, governable, manageable, complacent

  1. PRECIOUS (adj.) – valuable: Gold is a precious metal.

Synonyms: costly, valuable, dear, expensive, priceless, prized, loved

Antonyms: cheap, worthless, inexpensive, valueless, ordinary, base

  1. QUALIFIED (adj.) – competent: He is a qualified teacher.

Synonyms: competent, suitable, eligible, capable, efficient, experienced, able, proficient, talented

Antonyms: unqualified, unable, inexperienced, incapable, incompetent, unskilled

  1. QUEER (adj.) – strange: He speaks in a queer way.

Synonyms: strange, abnormal, odd, eccentric, curious, crazy, unnatural, peculiar

Antonyms: common, ordinary, usual, natural, familiar, customary, normal

  1. QUITE (adv.) wholly: They were quite different from each other.

Synonyms: wholly, truly, altogether, entirely, totally, completely, perfectly, fairly

Antonyms: barely, hardly, partially, scarcely

  1. RAPID (adj.) – quick: The rapid growth of population is a problem of our country.

Synonyms: swift, speedy, fast, prompt, hasty

Antonyms: slow, lazy, tardy, sluggish, leisurely, belated

  1. REBUKE (v). – to scold: The teacher rebuked us for make noise in the class.

Synonyms: chide, reprove, censure, reprimand, scold, admonish, reproach

Antonyms: praise, commend, admire, encourage, applaud, appreciate, eulogise

  1. REDUCE (v.) – to decrease: We should reduce the speed of your car.

Synonyms: lessen, diminish, decrease, curtail, shorten, contract, weaken

Antonyms: increase, expand, enlarge, lengthen, extend, augment

  1. RELISH (n.) – taste: He ate the food with great relish.

Synonyms: taste, appetite, zest, gusto, flavour

Antonyms: disrelish, disflavour, nauseousness, insipidity

  1. REMEDY (n.) – solution: There is no remedy to this disease.

Synonyms: redress, relief, cure, solution, treatment, antidote, reparation

Antonyms: malady, disease, sickness, infection, illness

  1. REPEAL (v.) – to cancel: All the oppressive rules should be repealed.

Synonyms: abolish, cancel, annul, revoke, abrogate, rescind, discontinue

Antonyms: sanction, enact, continue, establish, pass, confirm

  1. RUSTIC (adj.) – uncouth: You must give up your uncouth behaviour.

Synonyms: awkward, boorish, clumsy, pastoral, uncouth, uncultured, rough, rural

Antonyms: polished, refined, cultured, sophisticated, urban

  1. SACRED (adj.) – holy: All religions have some sacred places.

Synonyms: holy, heavenly, religious, divine, blessed, solemn, devout, godly

Antonyms: mundane, profane, irreligious, secular, ungodly, temporal, unholy

  1. SATISFY (v.) – to please: Your performance has satisfied me.

Synonyms: gratify, please, fulfill, gladden, amuse, meet

Antonyms: fail, disappoint, displease, dissatisfy

  1. SHABBY (adj.) – ragged: She was wearing a shabby dress.

Synonyms: ragged, beggarly, threadbare, dirty, paltry

Antonyms: smart, tidy, neat, clean, fashionable

  1. SOLITARY (adj.) – lonely: He lives a solitary life.

Synonyms: lonely, isolated, secluded, deserted, uninhabited

Antonyms: populous, social, inhabited, well-frequented.

  1. TACTFUL (adj.) – skilful: He is very tactful in dealing with students.

Synonyms: careful, diplomatic, discreet, politic, skilful, prudent

Antonyms: careless, rude, tactless, impolitic, imprudent

  1. TANGIBLE (adj.) – manifest: There is no tangible evidence of his crime.

Synonyms: actual, real, definite, manifest, evident, concrete, positive, substantial, material

Antonyms: intangible, abstract, indefinite, unreal, negative, untouchable

  1. TERMINATE (v.) – end: She terminates her speech with a reference from Shakespeare.

Synonyms: cease, close, complete, conclude, finish, wind up, stop

Antonyms: begin, start, commence, initiate

  1. UNANIMOUS (adj.) – concerted: They reached a unanimous decision on the matter.

Synonyms: common, concerted, harmonious, joint, united

Antonyms: discordant, divided, disunited, split

  1. VACATE (v.) – to leave: The police asked the people to vacate the place.

Synonyms: leave, quit, abandon, withdraw, desert, evacuate

Antonyms: occupy, capture, enter, fill, take

  1. WEAKEN (v.) – to decline: The disease has weakened his body.

Synonyms: dilute, impair, paralyse, debilitate, enfeeble

Antonyms: empower, confirm, strengthen, invigorate

  1. ZENITH (n.) – peak: He has reached the zenith of his fame.

Synonyms: acme, climax, height, peak, summit, top, vertex

Antonyms: nadir, bottom, depth, lowest point

Exercise 01: Write synonyms of the words given in the brackets;

  1. A lot of crops grow in Bangladesh because her land is (fertile).

  1. He is always (antagonistic) to me.

  1. I do not like him because of his (audacity)

  1. We cannot live without air. It is (indispensable) for us.

  1. The prisoner was (released) from his charge.

  1. The man was (fascinated) by the beauty of the lady.

  1. It is not (feasible).

  1. I like this food because it is (hygienic).

  1. His (amiable) attitude charmed us.

  1. We want to (eradicate) poverty from our country.

  1. Today is one of the most (favourable) day of my life.

  1. The mistake was not (deliberate).

  1. The cuckoo has a very (dulcet) voice.

  1. If you are (honest), you will prosper in life.

  1. He is a (notorious) killer.

Exercise 02: Write antonyms of the words given in the brackets:

  1. His speech is always (believable).

  1. His (prudent) decision infuriated me.

  1. I like her because she is (lethargic).

  1. The word ‘honesty’ means (immortality).

  1. Smoking is (beneficial) for health.

  1. His misbehaviour (pleased) me.

  1. His (peaceful) attitude frightened us all.

  1. The lady guest very (reticent)

  1. I like my friend because he is (spendthrift).

  1. His wife is (infidel) to him.

  1. Medicine (aggravate) diseases.

Exercise 03: Give antonyms of the following words and make sentences with them:

Tentative, filthy, flattery, superficial, shabby, serene, reticent, relinquish, refute, omnipotent, sanguine, eradicate, alleviate, deceptive, peril, antipathy, pacify, deteriorate, terseness, unkempt

Exercise 04: Give synonyms of the following words and make sentences with them:

Durability, momentous, reveal, strange, animosity, catastrophe, diffuse, scarcity, enduring, liberal, awkward, talkative, clandestine, feasible, lucrative, delicate, vigilant, vulgar, unanimous

Answer key:

Exercise 01:

  1. Productive, Bountiful, Rich,

  2. Aggressive, Hostile, Unfriendly, Intimidate

  1. Daring, Courage, Boldness, Valor, Bravery

  1. Important, Crucial, Vital, Necessary, Essential

  1. Free, Unrestricted, Unconfined, Open, Liberated

  1. Enthralled, Captivated, Mesmerized, Rapt

  1. Realistic, Practical, Reasonable, Convenient

  1. Clean, Sterile, Germ-free, Sanitary

  1. Sociable, Friendly, Cordial, Kind

  1. Eliminate, Destroy, Exterminate, Remove

  1. Sympathetic, Constructive, Caring, Compassionate

  1. Purposeful, Determined, Firm, Dogged

  1. Sweet, Melodious, Pleasant, Pleasurable, lovely

  1. Truthful, Frank, Candid, Open, Sincere, Direct

  1. Infamous, Dishonourable, Wicked

Exercise 02: Answers

  1. Unbelievable, Amazing, Incredible

  2. Reckless, Wild, Careless, Hasty

  1. Energetic, Active, Vigorous, Bouncing

  1. Mortality, Death, Transience

  1. Harmful, Damaging, Hurtful, Dangerous

  1. Displeased, Discontented, Unhappy, Unsatisfied

  1. Violent, Brutal, Cruel, Vicious

  1. Talkative, Garrulous, Chatty,

  1. Calculative, Careful, Cautious

  1. Unfaithful, Traitorous, Disloyal

  1. Develop, Extend, Enlarge, Expand

Exercise 03: Answers

Tentative-(Exact,  Sure): The study shows a  tentative  causes  for  road accidents  in


Filthy-(Clean, Clear): Dhaka city is polluted with filthy air.

Flattery-(Insult, Abuse, Offense): She used flattery to get good marks.

Superficial-(Interior, Inherent): Sometimes superficial knowledge becomes dangerous.

Shabby-(Clean, Fresh, Spotless): She lived in a shabby hut in the slum.

Serene-(Bustling, Lively): Pond water always remain serene.

Reticent-(Talkative, Chatty, Garrolous): His reticent speech attracted everyone.

Relinquish-(Join, Link, Unite): She departed with a relinquished heart.

Refute-(Prove, Establish, Verify, Confirm): Everybody refuted his ideas.

Omnipotent-(Powerless, Helpless, Weak, Incapable): Only God is omnipotent.

Sanguine-(Doubtful, Uncertain, Hesitate): The committee takes a more sanguine view.

Eradicate-(Establish, Construct): His membership is eradicated last month.

Alleviate-(Aggravate, Worsen): Physical therapy alleviates pain.

Deceptive-(Honest, Frank, Candid): All his directions were deceptive for the troops.

Peril-(Safety, Security, Protection): The wild animals are in peril because of natural disasters.

Antipathy-(Friendship, fellow feeling): The causes of antipathy between them are unknown.

Pacify-(Antagonize, Irritate): The chairman pacified the members of the committee.

Deteriorate-(Improve, Recover, progress): The bad weather deteriorated his health.

Terseness-(length, Span, Duration): I like his writing because of his use of terseness.

Unkempt-(Clean, Fresh): Unkempt environment is bad for health.

Exercise 04: Answers

Durability- (Stability, Strength, Resilience, Permanence, Sturdiness) : Positive trait of commodities are often justified by their durability.

Momentous- (Significant, Important, Vital, Crucial, Meaningful) : Sheikh BujiburRahman brought a momentous victory for Bengali peoples.

Reveal- (Disclose, Make public, Expose, Make known, Divulge) : Finally, the villagers revealed the truth to the inspector.

Strange -(Odd, weird, eccentric, uncanny, peculiar) : Nobody supported his strange ideas.

Animosity-(Hostility, Bitterness, Acrimony, Ill-feeling, Enmity) : Animosity was a common phenomenon in the ancient clans.

Catastrophe-(Disaster, Calamity, Misfortune, Ruin, Devastation, Tragedy) : The death of his only son brought catastrophe in his life.

Diffuse-(Distribute, Circulate, Spread, Scatter, Disperse) : Bad news diffuse rapidly.

Scarcity-(Shortage, Lack, Dearth, Deficiency, Famine) : The scarcity of natural gas may hamper our power system.

Enduring-(Stable, Lasting, Endure, Durable): Enduring development is the goal of the government.

Liberal-(Open-minded,    Broad-minded,    Tolerant,    Moderate,    Freethinking,

Noninterventionist) : The government should be liberal in policy making.

Awkward-(Uncomfortable, Discomfited, Embarrassed, ill at ease) :

She does not know how to manage an awkward situation.

Talkative-(Garrulous, Loquacious, Chatty, Fluent, Glib) : The boy is talkative in nature.

Clandestine-(Secret, Underground, Concealed, Covert, Stealthy) : The man has a clandestine relationships with a girl.

Feasible-(Realistic, Practical, Viable, Reasonable, Possible) : Everybody supported his feasible decision.

Lucrative-(Productive, Profitable, Rewarding, Worthwhile, Beneficial) : only the fools may miss the lucrative offer.

Delicate-(Fragile, Frail, Weak, Flimsy, Subtle, Insubstantial): The construction of the building is absolutely delicate.

Vigilant-(Watchful, Cautious, Attentive, Alert, Heedful, Observant) : God’s vigilant eyes are always upon us.

Vulgar-(Rude, Offensive, Crude, Naughty, Bad) : His approach was vulgar in line with his position.

Unanimous-(Common, Agreed, Undisputed, Undivided) : They took unanimous decision to stop child marriage.
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