Transformation of Sentences: Affirmative to Negative

Rule-1: Only বা alone এর পরিবর্তে Negative বাক্যের শুরুতে None but বসে। আর কোনো পরিবর্তন হয় না। 
যেমন : 
Affirmative: Only he can do the work.
Negative: None but he can do the work.

Affirmative: Allah can alone help us. 
Negative: None but Allah can help us. 

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বি:দ্র: বস্তুর ক্ষেত্রে only এর জায়গায় nothing but ব্যবহৃত হয় এবং বয়সের ক্ষেত্রে only এর পরিবর্তে not more than বসে। 
Affirmative: He has only a few toys. 
Negative: He has nothing but a few toys. 

Affirmative: He was only twenty two.
Negative: He was not more than twenty two.

Rule-2: Affirmative Sentence-এ must থাকলে Negative করার সময় must এর পরিবর্তে cannot but / cannot help বসে। 
তবে cannot help এর পরে যে Verb থাকে উক্ত verb এর সাথে ing যোগ করতে হয়।
Affirmative: We must yield to our fate. 
Negative: We cannot but yield to our fate.

Affirmative: You must obey your parents. 
Negative: You cannot help obeying your parents.

Affirmative: I must help the poor. 
Negative: I cannot but help the poor.

Transformation of Sentences: Affirmative to Negative

Rule-3: Every-কে Negative করতে হলে Every-এর পরিবর্তে প্রথমে There is no বসে + Every-এর পরের শব্দটি বসে + but বসে + প্রদত্ত Sentence- এর বাকী অংশ বসে।
Affirmative: Everyone hates a liar.
Negative: There is no one but hates a lair. 

Affirmative: Every man wishes to be happy.
Negative: There is no man but wishes to be happy.

Rule-4: As soon as কে Negative করতে হলে As soon as এর জায়গায় No sooner had বসে + সে বাক্যের কর্তা বসে + সে বাক্যের মূল ক্রিয়ার Past Participle বসে + সে বাক্যের বাকী অংশ বসে + than বসে + দ্বিতীয় বাক্য বসে।
Affirmative: As soon as the thief saw the police, he ran away.
Negative: No sooner had the thief seen the police than he ran away.

Affirmative: As soon as Della saw it, she knew that it must be Jim's.
Negative: No sooner had Della seen it than she knew that it must be Jim's.

Rule-5: Affirmative Sentence-কে Negative-এ রূপান্তরের সময় উক্ত Sentence এর মধ্যে অবস্থিত Affirmative শব্দটির Negative রূপ বসাতে হয় এবং উক্ত Negative শব্দটির পূর্বে not বসাতে হয়।
Affirmative: I shall remember you. 
Negative: I shall not forget you.

Affirmative: He is a good player. 
Negative: He is not a bad player. 

Affirmative: Jerry was an honest boy.
Negative: Jerry was not a dishonest boy. 

Affirmative: This was an extra-ordinary ship. 
Negative: This was not an ordinary ship.

Affirmative: Man is mortal. 
Negative: Man is not immortal.

Rule-6: Always যুক্ত Affirmative Sentence-কে Negative করতে হলে always-এর পরিবর্তে never বসে এবং affirmative শব্দটির বিপরীত শব্দ বসে।
Affirmative: I always agreed with him.
Negative: I never disagreed with him. 

Affirmative: Jerry was always punctual.
Negative: Jerry was never late.

Affirmative: I will always remember your help. 
Negative: I will never forget your help.

Rule-7: Superlative degree যুক্ত বাক্যকে Negative করতে হলে নিম্নের Structure টি অনুসরণ করতে হয়।
No other + Superlative-এর পরের অংশ +Verb + so/as + Superlative degree-এর Positive form+as+ প্রদত্ত Sentence-এর Subject.
Affirmative: He is the best boy in the class.
Negative: No other boy in the class is so good as he.

Rule-8: Than any other/Than all other যুক্ত comparative Degree কে Negative করার নিয়ম :
i. প্রথমে No other বসে +
ii. any other/ all other এর পরের অংশ বসে। +
iii. প্রদত্ত verb বসে + so/as বসে +
iv. Comparative Degree টির Positive form বসে + as + প্রদত্ত sentence-এর subject বসে।
Affirmative: Dhaka is bigger than all other cities in Bangladesh.
Negative: No other city in Bangladesh is so big as Dhaka.

Rule-9: Than যুক্ত Comparative-কে Negative করার নিয়ম:
i. Than এর শেষের অংশ প্রথমে বসে +
ii. Verb বসে + not বসে + so/as বসে + 
iii. Comparative Degree টির Positive form বসে + as বসে +
iv. প্রদত্ত sentence এর subject বসে। 
যেমন :
Affirmative: He is taller than I.
Negative: I am not so tall as he.

Affirmative: You are greater than he.
Negative: He is not so great as you.

Rule-10: As ...... as যুক্ত Positive Degree কে Negative করার নিয়ম : 
প্রথম as এর পরিবর্তে উক্ত জায়গায় not less বসে এবং শেষ as এর জায়গায় than বসে। 
যেমন : 
Affirmative: Jim and Della were as wise as the Magi.
Negative: Jim and Della were not less wise than the Magi.

Affirmative: He is as ferocious as a lion. 
Negative: He is not less ferocious than a lion.

Rule-11: Less....... than যুক্ত Sentence কে Negative করার নিয়ম : Less-এর জায়গায় not as বসে এবং than এর জায়গায় as বসে। 
যেমন :
Affirmative: He is less ugly than you said. 
Negative: He is not as ugly as you said.

Rule-12: Too ......... to যুক্ত Affirmative Sentenceকে Negative করার নিয়ম : 
(i) Too এর জায়গায় so বসে + too এর পরের adjective/ adverb বসে + that বসে + Subject আবারো বসে + Tense অনুযায়ী can not/could not বসে + প্রদত্ত to এর পরের অংশ বসে। 
Affirmative: Della was too poor to buy a chain. 
Negative: Della was so poor that she could not buy a chian. 

Affirmative: The sum is too difficult for me to work out. 
The sum is so difficult that I can not work out.

Affirmative: It always pours when it rains. 
Negative: It never rains but it pours.

Affirmative: The teacher loves the students. 
Negative: The teacher is not without love for the students.

Affirmative: The boy failed to notice the teacher. 
Negative: The boy could not notice the teacher. 

Affirmative: I come here for the last time. 
Negative: I shall never come here again. 

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