English Grammar PDF

English Grammar PDF

Unit-1: Sentence

Lesson 1: Subject and Predicate
Lesson 2: Four Functions of Sentences
Lesson 3: Three Structures of Sentences

Download PDF - Sentence

Unit-2: Tense

Lesson 1: Auxiliary Verb and Tense Structure
Lesson 2: Functions of Present and Past Tense
Lesson: 3 Functions of Future Tense

Download PDF - Tense

Unit-3: Infinitive, Gerund, Participle

Lesson 1: Gerund
Lesson 2: Participle
Lesson 3: Infinitive

Download PDF - Infinitive, Gerund, Participle

Unit-4: Voice

Lesson 1: Transformation: Active and Passive (Assertive and Interrogative Sentences)
Lesson 2: Transformation: Active and Passive (Imperative Sentences and Multiple Clauses)
Lesson 3: Miscellaneous

Download PDF - Voice

Unit-5: Speech/ Narration

Lesson 1: Direct-indirect Speech (Assertive Sentences)
Lesson 2: Direct-indirect Speech (Interrogative Sentences)
Lesson 3: Direct-indirect Speech (Imperative Sentences, Exclamatory Sentences)

Download PDF - Speech/ Narration

Unit-6: Conditional sentence

Lesson 1: Conditionals 1
Lesson 2: Conditionals 2
Lesson 3 Conditionals 3

Download PDF - Conditional Sentence

Unit-7: Right form of verbs

Lesson 1: The Right Forms of Verbs
Lesson 2: Subject-Verb Agreement

Download PDF - Right form of verbs

Unit-8: Phrase

Lesson 1: Phrase
Lesson 2: Phrases & Idioms

Download PDF - Phrase

Unit-9: Tag question

Lesson 1: Tag Questions
Lesson 2: Rules for Making Tag Quesitons

Download PDF - Tag Question

Unit-10: Linking words or Connectors 

Lesson 1: Linking Words or Connectors
Lesson 2: Coordinators or Coordinating Conjunctions
Lesson 3: Subordinators or Subordinating Conjunctions
Lesson 4: Transitions or Sentence Connectors

Download PDF - Linking words or Connectors

Unit-11: Preposition

Lesson 1: Prepositions
Lesson 2: Usages of Common Prepositons

Download PDF - Preposition

Unit-12: Punctuation, Capitalization

Lesson 1: Punctuation
Lesson 2: The Rules of Punctuation
Lesson 3: Capitalization

Download PDF - Punctuation & Capitalization

Unit-13: Dialogue writing

Download PDF - Dialogue writing

Unit-14: Application/letter

Lesson 1: Letter/Application Writing
Lesson 2: Job Letters & Resume Writing

Download PDF - Application/letter

Unit-15: Paragraphs

Lesson 1: Paragraph Writing 
Lesson 2: How to Write Good Paragraphs

Download PDF - Paragraphs

Unit-16: Compositions

Lesson 1: Composition Writing
Lesson 2: How to Write Good Compoistions

Download PDF - Compositions

Unit-17: Completing Stories

Lesson 1: Completing Stories
Lesson 2: Summary Writing

Download PDF - Completing Stories

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Conditional Sentence

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Voice: Active & Passive

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Infinitive, Gerund, Participle

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Completing Sentence 

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Right Form of Verbs 

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Tag Questions

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Transformation of Sentences 

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Speech / Narration 

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Pronoun Reference

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Linking Words or Connectors 

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Synonyms / Antonyms

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