☑ Important Grammatical Contents

Grammar (English Language) 

and its important contents:

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☑️ 1. Transformation of Sentences Links :

Interchange of Simple, Complex and Compound Sentence

Simple sentence to Complex sentence

More about Simple sentence to Complex sentence

Complex sentence to Simple sentence

Simple sentence to Compound sentence

Compound Sentence to Complex Sentence 

Interchange of degrees of comparison

Rules of changing degree of Adjective

Direct Narration to Indirect Narration

Chancing Voice : Preposition chapter

Changing voice : Further Preposition chapter

Changing Voice : Part 1

Changing Voice : Part 2

Changing Voice : Part 3

Affirmative to Negative (Sentences)

☑️ 2. Common Errors

Common Errors [Details]

Common Errors [Noun, Pronoun]

Common Errors [Sentence Correction]

☑️ 3. Subject-Verb Agreement
            (~ Right Form of Verb)

Subject-Verb Agreement

Further Discussion on Subject-Verb Agreement

More about Subject Verb Agreement

Subject Verb Agreement Examples

☑️ 4. Parts of Speech

More about Noun

Pronoun Chart

Formation of Noun

List of Uncountable Noun

Functions of Noun

Nouns in Apposition

Singular and Plural

Uncountable Countable

Proper, Common, Collective and Material Noun differences

Personal Pronoun

Uncountable Noun


Countable and Uncountable Noun

Foreign Plural

Short Note on Singular Plural


Different types of Adjective

Degree : Comparison of Adjectives


A Summary of Rules Governing Article

Articles (Rule 1 - 5)

Articles (Rule 6 -11)

Helping / Auxiliary Verbs

Linking Verbs

Modal Auxiliaries

Confusing Verbs

Participle and Gerund

Adverb Chart

Usages of Preposition

Adjectives followed by Preposition

Adjectives followed by Preposition BY

Adjective followed by Infinitives

Adjectives followed by Preposition WITH

Preposition of time : At, In, On

Words Followed by Preposition

Prepositional Verb

Use of Preposition

Linking Words

More about Linking Words

☑️ 5. Grammatical Rules and Structures

Note on Grammatical Structures [Details]

Grammatical Structures

Grammatical Structures : Episode 2

Grammatical Rules

☑️ 6. Tense and Functions of Verb 

Present Tense

Past Tense

Future Tense

Usage of Present Perfect Tense

Interaction among different Tenses

Present Continuous Tense

☑️ 7. Joining of Sentences 

Joining of Sentences

Use of NEITHER ..... NOR

Use of NO SOONER .... THAN

Use of Not Only .... But also

Use of Though Although

Use of SO THAT

Use of SO ..... THAT


Joining of Sentences : Episode 1

Joining of Sentences : Episode 2

Joining of Sentences : Episode 3

Joining of Sentences : Episode 4

☑️ 8. Sentence 

Effective Sentence

Links : Transformation of Sentences 

Sentence : Basic Concept, Part 1

Sentence : Basic Concept 2

Cleft/Emphatic Sentence

☑️ 9. Phrase and Clause 

Noun Clause

Formation of Noun Phrases

Noun Clause in Complex Sentence

Adjective Clause and Adverbial Clause

☑️ 10. Modifier



Dangling Modifiers : Part 1

Dangling Modifiers : Part 2

☑️ 11. Prefix and Suffix 


Prefix [Further Discussion]

Different Prefixes : Prefix Table 2

Different Prefixes : Prefix Table 3

Formation of Noun with Suffix

Formation of Adjective adding Suffix

Formation of Verb adding Suffix

Formation of Adverb adding Suffix

☑️ 12. Charts 

Chart of Conditionals 

Adverb Chart

Uncountable Countable Chart 

Proper, Common, Collective, Material Noun comparison chart 

Personal Pronoun Chart

☑️ 13. Conditional Sentence 

Conditional Sentence

Chart of Conditionals

☑️ 14. Exercise on Transformation 

Exercise on Transformation of Sentences : Episode 1

Exercise on Transformation of Sentences : Episode 2

Exercise on Transformation of Sentences : Episode 3

Exercise on Transformation of Sentences : Episode 4

☑️ 15. Miscellaneous 

Clause vs Phrase

Important Antonyms

Insist and Persist

Tell, Say, Lie, Lay and Word Order

Frequent Antonyms

Please vs Kindly, Uncountable vs Countable, Open vs Open up

Use of AT ALL and OF ALL

Prepositional Verbs : Episode 2

Basic Vocabulary : H - O, Episode 1

Basic Vocabulary : P - Z, Episode 1

Frequently Asked Questions on Grammar

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Conditional Sentence

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Completing Sentence 

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Right Form of Verbs 

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Tag Questions

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Transformation of Sentences 

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Speech / Narration 

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Pronoun Reference

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Synonyms / Antonyms

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