Most Common Grammar Mistakes and Corrections

Let's know the correct forms of the most common grammar mistakes people make:

Incorrect: Many were called but one selected. 
Correct: Many were called but one was selected.

Most Common Grammar Mistakes and Corrections

Incorrect: I read Milton's Paradise Lost who is a great poet. 
Correct: I read Paradise Lost by Milton who is a great poet.

Incorrect: I borrowed my friend's book who stood first. 
Correct: I borrowed the book of my friend who stood first.

Incorrect: I saw a few females there. 
Correct: I saw a few women there.

Incorrect: The fact is true.
Correct: The statement is true. / This is a fact.

Incorrect: The boy broke the window glasses. 
Correct: The boy broke the window panes.

Incorrect: They sought admission into the hall. 
Correct: They sought admittance into the hall.

Incorrect: Arrangements have been made for the observation of the Victory Day. 
Correct: Arrangements have been made for the observance of the Victory Day.

Incorrect: A large audience gathered to witness the sports. 
Correct: A large number of spectators gathered to witness the sports.

Incorrect: I shall buy two breads.
Correct: I shall buy two loaves of bread.

Incorrect: Give my regard/compliment to him. 
Correct: Give my regards/compliments to him.

Incorrect: One does not know when he will die. 
Correct: One does not know when one will die.

Incorrect: I saw him and told everything.
Correct: I saw him and told him everything.

Incorrect: He took part in the feast and enjoyed. 
Correct: He took part in the feast and enjoyed it.

Incorrect: I want to have your good report. 
Correct: I want to have a good report of you.

Incorrect: This is a case of willing absence. 
Correct: This is a case of wilful absence.

Incorrect: We helped the flood struck people.
Correct: We helped the flood stricken people.

Incorrect: He visits me on alternative days. 
Correct: He visits me on alternate days.

Incorrect: This is alternate to that. 
Correct: This is alternative to that.

Incorrect: I am sick of fever.
Correct: I am ill of fever.

Incorrect: I am ill of flattery.
Correct: I am sick of flattery.

Incorrect: He had a strong fever.
Correct: He had a severe attack of fever.

Incorrect: He took admission here.
Correct: He got himself admitted here.

Incorrect: My father admitted me in this college.
Correct: My father got me admitted in this college.

Incorrect: He said to me if I knew him. 
Correct: He asked me if I knew him.

Incorrect: Long have I laid on bed. 
Correct: Long have I lain on bed.

Incorrect: He made a crime/fault/offence/or sin. 
Correct: He committed a crime/fault/sin.

Incorrect: You mistake in thinking so. 
Correct: You are mistaken in thinking so.

Incorrect: He caught my hand.
Correct: He caught hold of my hand.

Incorrect: We regarded him a learned man. 
Correct: We regarded him as a learned man.

Incorrect: I left Dhaka somewhat ten years ago. 
Correct: I left Dhaka some ten years ago,

Incorrect: The boy stood in front of the principal.
Correct: The boy stood before the principal.

Incorrect: There is a tree before the school.
Correct: There is a tree in front of the school.

Incorrect: I shall see you within the 15th of this month. 
Correct: I shall see you by the 15th of this month.

Incorrect: I invited him at the dinner. 
Correct: I invited him to the dinner,

Incorrect: He inquired me where I lived. 
Correct: He inquired of me where I lived.

Incorrect: He subscribes the New Age. 
Correct: He subscribes to the New Age.

Incorrect: Everybody should live on honest labour. 
Correct: Everybody should live by honest labour.

Incorrect: We enjoyed the feast to the content of our heart. 
Correct: We enjoyed the feast to our heart's content.

Incorrect: He has taken leave of one week.
Correct: He has taken one week's leave.

Incorrect: I am at the end of my wit. 
Correct: I am at my wit's end.

Incorrect: I was wondered at this. 
Correct: I wondered at this.

Incorrect: He mistook in thinking so. 
Correct: He was mistaken in thinking so.

Incorrect: This was happened long ago. 
Correct: This happened long ago.

Incorrect: He was disqualified to compete for the prize. 
Correct: He was disqualified from competing for the prize.

Incorrect: There is no reason to be absent. 
Correct: There is no reason for being absent.

Incorrect: He discouraged me to go there. 
Correct: He discouraged me from going there.

Incorrect: I forbid you from going there. 
Correct: I forbid you to go there.

Incorrect: The bird went out of my sight. 
Correct: The bird went out of sight.

Incorrect: Do not take the advantage of my absence.
Correct: Do not take advantage of my absence.

Incorrect: He has no money and men to help. 
Correct: He has no men and money to help.

Incorrect: His name precedes before mine.
Correct: His name precedes mine.

Incorrect: He is busy in writing. 
Correct: He is busy (with) writing.

Incorrect: He went to the market to buy fish. 
Correct: He went to market to buy fish.

Incorrect: He is good in health.
Correct: He is in good health.

Incorrect: I insist you to stay but you persist to go. 
Correct: I insist on your staying but you persist in going.

Incorrect: I care not a straw for him. 
Correct: I do not care a straw for him.

Incorrect: He purchased some sweetmeats. 
Correct: He purchased some sweetmeat.
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